Alles, was Schuhe schützt, pflegt, auffrischt und säubert. Seit über 80 Jahren. Großes Sortiment für alle glatten und rauen Leder, für Materialkombinationen und für den gepflegten Auftritt sowieso.

Multi-Set Kids

Cleaning, care and protection

Fine shoes need a lot of care to keep them looking beautiful, and that counts double for children’s shoes. Solitaire multi-foam cleans the surface while providing care and protection from water and soiling. No spray mist – also suitable for indoor use.


Remove coarse dirt from the surface and shake up the can before use. Apply multi-foam to the sponge included, spread evenly over the material and leave to dry. After that, gently polish smooth leather or brush up the suede with the mesh sponge. Remember not to apply the foam directly onto the material as this may leave spots and stains. 


1 can of Solitaire multi-foam, 125 ml

1 yellow shoe-cleaning sponge

1 mesh sponge for brushing up the nap of suede

Item Number: 905876

Ingredients for multi-foam

aqua; butane; alcohol; propane; propene; butene; fluoracrylatpolymer; propylene glycol; cocamide dea; parfum; triethanolamine

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