Alles, was Schuhe schützt, pflegt, auffrischt und säubert. Seit über 80 Jahren. Großes Sortiment für alle glatten und rauen Leder, für Materialkombinationen und für den gepflegten Auftritt sowieso.

Sneaker Protector

Waterproofing, protection and care for sneakers

For all materials and material-mixes. Protects sneakers against water, soiling and stains; prevents colours from fading. Water simply runs off, dirt has no chance of sticking. Helps to preserve colours for a long time. Unsuitable for patent leather and stretch materials.


Remove dust and soiling. Test the material’s compatibility before use. Spray evenly from around a foot  / approx. 30 cm away; do not soak. Do not polish or brush material while wet; leave to dry. Buff off smooth leather or brush up suede as required. Repeat for best results. Unsuitable for patent leather and stretch materials.

250 ml Spray
Item No: 5901

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