Alles, was Schuhe schützt, pflegt, auffrischt und säubert. Seit über 80 Jahren. Großes Sortiment für alle glatten und rauen Leder, für Materialkombinationen und für den gepflegten Auftritt sowieso.

Cork Renew

For sole edges and heels made of cork

Unchanging trend and part of everyday’s life – shoes and sandals with cork soles or heels, either made of real cork or cork-latex mixture. Keeping the beautiful natural look requires regular care and protection.

  • Cares, protects and seals sole edges and heels made of real cork and mixtures made of cork and latex
  • Prevents cork effectively from drying put and going brittle
  • Closes small cracks.
  • Leaves a chrystal clear finish when dry
  • Easy to apply with integrated fine brush
  • Water-based


Remove coarse dust and dirt. Clean the shoe and leave it to dry. Apply the product sparingly on the visible cork parts of the sole edge or heel and leave it again to dry. Remove any residues from leather immediately with water. Always make sure the container is firmly closed after usage.

100 ml brush applicator
Item No: 905871

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